Thursday, August 30, 2007

Funniest shit ever!!

I don't even have to say anything...LMAO!

Monday, August 27, 2007

valleys and peaks

Soooo...I got a townhouse with my brother...its a bit of a fixer upper but its dope. 3 floors with a pool in the back (BAAALLLIN!!!) I've been diligently mixin' down the next ILWIL release Beat Thieves. Tons of bangers on there. About 27 to be exact. Donwill hadn't heard the songs in their entirety until the other day. I wanted to give them to the people free but Don wants to hold back the heat for an official release. That's cool..I was anxious to flood the world with some bangin' ILWIL ish but it will have to wait people. We'll still be hittin' you with some dope solo bangers though on Beat Thieves and a few of the ILWIL bangers. I-EL IS COMING!! ladies and gentlemen....I've started shooting a video for a song I did titled "Fire & Brimstone". This will push my directing talents in a new direction. I'm shooting it in a short film style as opposed to the typical rappy music video way. I plan to let my inner weirdo run rampant. Brace yourself. My videos as a soloist will be entrenched in symbolism. I may even have some nudity in it. Hey! Its my video! We're doin' some more shooting tonight. Perhaps as I get more footage I'll release a trailer to make you salivate a bit. Haha! This will be my best work to date. Once again its your friend trapped in the bowels of Cincinnati...signing out.

Monday, August 13, 2007

My life sucks...or does it? the past 2 weeks 1) I injured my finger losing mobility 2) Car broke down 3) after payin' for car to get fixed got a DUI 4) Tour we were settin' up fell through 5) Had a disaster in my bank account 6) Got fired as a result of my DUI.....yeah....pretty bad hunh? I was damn near suicidal at first but after I sat in contemplation and regained my composure..I'm realizing that if I choose..I have the power to make this a good thing and potentially a great thing. I'm well aware that at times like this are expressions of my life entering a death of sorts. To further explain...these occurrences were my Autumn, where certain things "Fall" from my life. Now is the winter where I have to deal with these losses. All this means is that there are many new things that need to come into my life and I need to make room for them when my "Spring" comes.

Losing my driving privileges has honestly lead me to being in the studio more to record and edit video...its also lead to me working out as a result. I have this "Top Secret" thing I'm working on
that will come into light in the future. One day people will look back at this blog like "OHHHHH." This "Top Secret" thing is the main reason I'm even blogging to be honest. I want to chronicle my metamorphosis to demonstrate how inner transformation and focus can alter one's entire life. I will be my own guinea pig to show you firsthand how the seemingly impossible can be achieved. But ofcourse there will be certain aspects of this I can't disclose but you'll get the point.