Monday, December 1, 2008

Well Well Well

So it appears I will have to actually start updating my blog. I'm finishing up my 1st solo release that my brethren in Tanya have convinced me to put out there. Honestly, I'm a pretty extreme critic when it comes to my own music but this is some dope shit. I actually like it. So with that I guess I'm just writing this entry for myself being I know no one is looking at my blog right now because I havent updated it since May lol Oh well. But this LP will be called The Prelude and will be out in January 2009 and the video I'm working on for it is nuts. I'll leak some clips around release time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So this blog is called Transformation... transformation from Ilyas to "I-EL" has begun...first I did something with the head...
wild hair

Then with the beard...Thanks to friend Angela Maria for coming up with the design.

I've been wantin' to do something like this for a minute. I was going to wait but then I figured...what's the point in waiting? I see why Andre3000 went through that change now. When you feel different within yourself, at some point you want to express that change externally as well. And if I'm a truly unique individual. When I'm truly embodying who I am, shouldn't I be the only that looks and dresses like me? and with that statement TAADAA!!!


Yeah I'm goin' through some changes but it will make sense eventually. How do I know it will make sense at some point? Because it's me expressing me...


So I saw Iron Man opening day. It was rather dope I must say. Much in part to Robert Downey Jr. doing a superb job. He really brought the Tony Starks character to life with a considerable amount of flare. This is a must see for all comic book fans. I would say this takes 3rd place in the comic book hero movies. Batman leads the charge obviously (the new ones not the gay over Hollywooded versions that dared cast Arnold as Mr.Freeze sheesh). 2nd is Spidey (but y'all were trippin' on the 3rd one people...Spidey doin' his best John Travolta impression was LAME!) And Terrance Howard being a part of the Iron Man films is not a bad look. For those that followed the comic. Yes Terrance will be playing "him" in the sequels at some point.

Speedracer was fuckin' incredible. They did an excellent job at bringing the cartoon to life. All the characters were chosen well. The special effects were beautiful but not over done. I wouldn't advise you to see this if you're prone to seizures really...there were ALOT of flashing lights. This made me feel more like a kid again than the Transformers movie did. This movie was perfect. Nuff said...

The Forbidden Kingdom on the other'm hurt. How do you fuck up with 2 Kung Fu action legends on the screen together?! Jet Li and Jackie Chan? Together? Fucking Hollywood....they throw in a geeky white dude and tried to make it like Karate Kid meets Chronicles of Narnia and it just didn't work. The MAIN character was the geeky white dude too. Dude was annoying as hell. You should watch this movie for one scene though. Jackie and Jet go toe to toe. Its OFF THE CHAIN!! Thats about 40 minutes into the movie so feel free to leave after that because its pretty much downhill from there. Also what's odd is this was supposed to be a children's movie sort of. Why in the 1st 5 minutes were white dudes using the racial slur "Chink"? Imagine if somebody used the word "nigger" in Harry get me? Either wait for this to hit Netflix or do what I did sneak in after you finish watchin' one of the above movies. lol Keep it 100!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Okay time to keep it real...really real...

I have been unenthusiastic with blogging to be honest but I realized that this was my own fault. I tend to write about superficial events taking place around me when I am a very introspective person. I am constantly focused on the world within and see the world around me as the effect of the world extension of it. So let's talk about my world within. Shall we?

Recently, I've been feeling confined creatively, in life, socially, etc. This was also my fault i guess in being that I feel I nonconform in a way that suits my social environment. There's a whole lot goin' on in the head of one Ilyas Nashid. And soon many will see those "things" in my head start to leak out through music, video, writing, etc. I'm not the exhibionist type but I feel compelled to "release" it in a sense. Let it pass through me out into the world. If all that I've learned just stays in my head then I guess its kind of useless and also selfish on my part.

So here goes....

Since a young child I've always been pretty "different." Strange dreams, etc. I've always been extremely intuitive...see things before they happen in my dreams. For example, believe it or not I saw the whole 9/11 thing a year before it happened. Well basically I saw the 4 buildings just standing in a dream in NY. At the time I was livin' in NC and rappin' with Donwill, so my dumbass thought it meant there would be 4 labels in NY that wanted to sign me and Donwill. LOL When I saw that visual a year later it shocked me. I'm pretty "different."

Anyway, my life has kinda played out like the young...something...preparing to day. Pretty vague hunh? Yeah I've been equally confused. So I've learned to be a chameleon. When you're incredibly intuitive its easy. You can kinda connect with peoples minds and being on some level where you know how to fit in with them in any environment. The most challenging environment I was in was when I worked at a mental institution. It trained me in a sense. In that environment people's minds aren't as static as the average persons. They're minds are in chaos..constantly changing. Amazingly enough all the patients loved me for the most part. I guess because I'm a little off too. LOL

So some years ago I had a ruuuude awakening of sorts. Like getting pulled out of the matrix for the 1st time. Since then I have experienced tons of bizarre phenomena. The 1st of which Carl Jung coined "synchronicity."

I see numbers all over the place right before stuff happens. The most notorious of them being 211. Usually when I see this it signifies chaos. An unexpected change in
how I perceive things happening. Sometimes its good but usually it sucks. Like my car will break down. My flight will get delayed or cancelled. Somebody will call me and argue with me. I predict that in the year 2011 a bunch of madness is going to happen to really openly signify extreme change.

There are many more numbers that I'll get to later. Many try to characterize it as a mental illness with an obsession with numbers. Or many will say you must be looking for the number and are more conscious of it. That's Bullshit. If one of the most progressive forefathers of modern psychology experienced it and dedicated the better part of his life's work to studying it...then it's probably real. And Quantum physicists have begun studying the phenomena. Synchronicity has proven to me that as chaotic and random as things seem this reality is very ordered and structured.

I see synchronicity...more specifically numerical synchronicity kind of in a video game sense. You see certain code when certain forces or patterns are forming.

Chew on that for a bit. Look up synchronicity if you dare. You should because many people are starting to experience it. Some call it a mass awakening of sorts. I just call it a shift into higher consciousness meaning many are becoming more "conscious" of their intimate connection with this reality and the world around us.

Until the next blog...