Thursday, May 15, 2008

So this blog is called Transformation... transformation from Ilyas to "I-EL" has begun...first I did something with the head...
wild hair

Then with the beard...Thanks to friend Angela Maria for coming up with the design.

I've been wantin' to do something like this for a minute. I was going to wait but then I figured...what's the point in waiting? I see why Andre3000 went through that change now. When you feel different within yourself, at some point you want to express that change externally as well. And if I'm a truly unique individual. When I'm truly embodying who I am, shouldn't I be the only that looks and dresses like me? and with that statement TAADAA!!!


Yeah I'm goin' through some changes but it will make sense eventually. How do I know it will make sense at some point? Because it's me expressing me...