Thursday, May 15, 2008


So I saw Iron Man opening day. It was rather dope I must say. Much in part to Robert Downey Jr. doing a superb job. He really brought the Tony Starks character to life with a considerable amount of flare. This is a must see for all comic book fans. I would say this takes 3rd place in the comic book hero movies. Batman leads the charge obviously (the new ones not the gay over Hollywooded versions that dared cast Arnold as Mr.Freeze sheesh). 2nd is Spidey (but y'all were trippin' on the 3rd one people...Spidey doin' his best John Travolta impression was LAME!) And Terrance Howard being a part of the Iron Man films is not a bad look. For those that followed the comic. Yes Terrance will be playing "him" in the sequels at some point.

Speedracer was fuckin' incredible. They did an excellent job at bringing the cartoon to life. All the characters were chosen well. The special effects were beautiful but not over done. I wouldn't advise you to see this if you're prone to seizures really...there were ALOT of flashing lights. This made me feel more like a kid again than the Transformers movie did. This movie was perfect. Nuff said...

The Forbidden Kingdom on the other'm hurt. How do you fuck up with 2 Kung Fu action legends on the screen together?! Jet Li and Jackie Chan? Together? Fucking Hollywood....they throw in a geeky white dude and tried to make it like Karate Kid meets Chronicles of Narnia and it just didn't work. The MAIN character was the geeky white dude too. Dude was annoying as hell. You should watch this movie for one scene though. Jackie and Jet go toe to toe. Its OFF THE CHAIN!! Thats about 40 minutes into the movie so feel free to leave after that because its pretty much downhill from there. Also what's odd is this was supposed to be a children's movie sort of. Why in the 1st 5 minutes were white dudes using the racial slur "Chink"? Imagine if somebody used the word "nigger" in Harry get me? Either wait for this to hit Netflix or do what I did sneak in after you finish watchin' one of the above movies. lol Keep it 100!


Josh D said...

glad I'm not the only one who thinks Speed Racer was dope.