Monday, November 26, 2007

All-in-one update!!

Okay, we had a pleasant tour for the most part. We sat in the truck alot. Alot-alot!
That part sucked as did sitting at the venues several hours because being amateurs we would show up to soundcheck on time. That we've learned is a no-no with certain venues. You do your check. They change the settings for the openers and when you're onstage its back to the drawing board.

So we've learned that soundchecks don't help that much unless you have your own soundman or the venue is that on top of it. But usually it doesnt matter with the Hole-in-wall spots. "This rockin' the Hole-in-wall club shit must stop! like Freeze. We makin' the crowd move but we ain't makin' no cheese." - Outkast on Elevators. I understand now Big Boi. I understand.

But we opened for De La Soul in Charlotte. That was dope. Look below.

Yeah North Carlina is my old home of 7 years. I miss it a bit every now and then.
I don't miss the bizarre canned meat products in the gas station though.
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Roadkill-in-a-can. Ugh! Anyway coming to Ohio for a portion of the tour was dope! Felt good to rock for home. In Cleveland one of my homegirls had this though.
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What the hell is this?! Ain't that the scariest toy you've ever seen. Its eyes and head rotate and it makes some ghastly noise. This could have easily been Chuckie's sidekick in Child's Play. LOL!!

So once the tour was over me and my boy Pytell went out to kick it. Pytell kicks it professionally. But unbeknownst to me he kicks it on a James Bond type level now. We downed a bottle of Paul Masson at a party and as we proceeded to the next party, Pytell pops up his backseat and voila!

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Dude has a secret compartment under one of his backseats to stash liquor. My nigga!
Hahaha! Anyway, that was a dope night. Went to a dope afterparty minus the druggies. Overall, November has been a great month! That's all for now folks!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Beat Thieves 2 complete...

Well it almost is. Waiting on Low Key to to finish the mix *ahem* lol Anyway I want it to be a plague of sorts. This is a nice prelude to what's coming up ahead. Round 2 for Tanya is going to be full of surprises...especially being I'm editing down a new video right now for us. I'm sleepy..sorry...don't feel like blogging really. Until next

Friday, November 9, 2007

A brief update

My bad I got kinda Hollywood on y'all after Vegas. lol But being in Jacksonville has brought me back down to earth. Gone are the nice high rise suites, sharing the stage with celebrities (well today atleast), and ballin' outta control (yeah right lol). Anyway I promise I'm gonna update this blog thoroughly. Much has happened in the past weeks in my little sordid life. We're on our way to Asheville, NC now and tomorrow we may be opening for a legendary act. I'll keep that hush for now until it materializes. Well the guys are eager to leave. Von just fled from the room because there was a small 6-legged lifeform crawling on him. LOL Until next time. This is I-EL signing out!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Fans...correction...The Fam

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Vegas here we come!!

Thank God for the fam. When nobody is lookin' out for you, when your label abandons you, when you question why you're even doing this...there's always the fam. Its the fam that's gettin' us to Vegas. Its the fam that got us on MTVU. Its the fam that helps keeps our names out there.

I know many have this perception of Tanya Morgan as part of some fine tuned music industry machine or something. Honestly, its just Donwill, Von, and myself. We get a little aid from friends we've made in the biz here and there...but for the most part we're on our own.

This is a great opportunity for us because our little bit of hustle paired with an entity that has our back would have the potential to do something HUGE. Brooklynati is the MONSTER we're trying to create now. Its been difficult with all the stress over the past year but I have a feeling that stress will subside for a minute or atleast shift to a different area of our lives for the moment.

When nobody believed in us, the fans did...correction....the fam did. Thanks you.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Ohio Hip Hop Awards!!

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hahaaaaaa! Shit was great! We got best video! The event was done up real big. I got nervous as I approached the red carpet like "Am I allowed on here?" Unfortunately my brethren Don and Von couldn't make it but I held it down. I lost my composure as I said the acceptance speech. It was part excitement, part nervousness, and part vodka and cranberry. I started out cool then I went into the typical "I'm just happy to be here! Thank you! This is beautiful!" It was kinda dope bein interviewed on the red carpet next to Hi Tek while he was doin a different interview. It kind of said to me "You right there with these cats just keep pushin' Ilyas." My self esteem went through the roof while I was walking around with that plaque.
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I was able to hit VIP no problemo and get my boys(my entourage lol) into everything free. The dude at VIP was like "Oh! That's your pass right there!" It feels good for people to appreciate what you've worked hard at for so long. Especially at home. ESPECIALLY at home. This all right along with this myspace/xm radio contest. I started writing this blog Sunday and now I'm just now finishing up (been busy). In the past 48 hours we have already started getting some decent opportunities. From Ilyas to I-EL indeed. I think this blog will turn into my success story. Since I was young I always wanted to be part of a top ranked trio, duo, and be a well received soloist at some point. Its all starting to come together now. I am at this happy.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The new plan:Operation Dreamskape

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Okay so I've been real busy being a business man the past weeks setting up Dreamskape. Dreamskape was what I always wanted to name a company since I was a child. I never knew what that company would be but I knew thats what it would be named. And this is because one of my favorite movies as a child was Dreamscape, a 1984 film starring Dennis Quaid. The movie moved me (there I go rapping by accident) because it was about people being lucid in their dreams and learning to control them. So with that, I felt any company I started would be the embodiment of me becoming lucid in this dream called reality and manipulating it for the greater good.
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I thought I wanted it to be many things but what its become is a production company of sorts thus far. Cincinnati needs some type of radio and tv shows to unite the community because there's no real media source that keeps the music/creative scene linked as one like most cities. So coincidentally ,as many know, I've been directing and editing video alot over the past year. So I figured why not use my newfound talent to put together shows showcasing local talent and culture. Plug my brands a bit without overdoing it. Throw it on Public Access (people actually watch it ALOT here in Cincinnati)....and see what happens. Maybe get a late might time slot on local network TV and go from there. Dreamskape Tv is born.

go here and subscribe

I promise it will start filling up with content soon.

I'm also tryin to grab a slot on local Public radio. Put a show together playing local talent, some Ohio talent, and sprinkle in exclusives from major and underground artists to add a little spice. There is only 1 urban radio station here..ONE!!!..and its terrible..everyone here hates it. So WHEN I get this show going...there will be no competition. Dreamskape radio will be born. Ofcourse on top of all this Dreamskape is a fledgling label and works in video production.

go here and subscribe

I don't know where all of this will lead me but it just feels right. At the end of the day we're all vessels for great things. And Dreamskape isn't a product of me persay...its just something the Most High wanted to put here through me.

So be on the lookout for more things to come. The 1st project dropping off of Dreamskape is ILWIL-Beat Thieves volume 2. Shit is nuts!! DJ Low Key is mixing it as we speak...until next time

Ohio Hip Hop Awards 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket you've probably heard we have been nominated for 3 awards (best video, best group, and best album) Its this weekend in Cleveland (about 4 hours from here in Cincinnati...roadtrip!!) I just found out its a black tie event. I'm wearing what I wore to the Grammy's except in this case I'm one of the nominees. This is rehearsal for the Grammy's in the future. I WILL get a Grammy one day. Hopefully a few of them then I can move on to writing and directing movies like Ice Cube. I guess this is the balance. The one time I have to do something "Tanya Morgan" without my partners in rhyme. Its something dope. I say balance because since my partners have been performing heavy in NY in my absence (and Denver) people are starting to forget I'm even in the group. No doubt, I'd much rather they be here than not...but atleast people in my home state will know I'm in the group lol. Its all good though.

I'm starting to see something unfold. Its making me so excited, its a near distraction. I just need to focus and stick to my new plan (perhaps I'll discuss that "plan" in the next blog) I've been so focused on that "plan" it leaves me little time to record between my 9 to 5 and my side gigs. Not being able to record because I'm putting in 40 a week toward someone else's profit for crumbs is building a slow fury in me. That fury is fuel for I-EL. I need it though. Recently the beats that my producers have been giving me were out of my reach. And not to be cocky but I'm no slouch on the mic. The tracks are so damn good. The mark of a true emcee is never to let the beat carry him. You have to carry the beat and make it sound hotter. These beats have set the bar really high.
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I'm gonna clear that bar soon me...I have no choice if I want to as great an artist as I believe I am

I would put a clip for y'all to hear but I'd rather surprise the shit out of you when you hear what the stepchild of TM has been cookin' up MUHAAAHAHAHAHA!!

And oh yeah I'll be gettin some video footage from my adventures at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. You'll see it on Dreamskape TV soon. 100!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My little guardian angel

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I look terrible but never mind me. This little guy in the pic is why its hard for me to cross that line at times in music into "bad influence land." Troubling enough its also what pushes me toward that line at times. I guess its what pushes me to become stronger and more intense while at the same time reserved...enough. Let the emotions bleed over in my words but not in the sense it mutates my art into something that isn't me. Its funny how many producers I've crossed paths with over the past months that have production that compliments how I feel right now. I'm growing into a new artist right now that's what the whole "i-el" thing is about. If you look up "el" you'll discover it means God in ancient times and thus the name EL-ijah (the english derivative of my name, Ilyas) So the name i-el makes a coded statement for me in many respects. So fickle judgmental hip hop audience bare with me. I'm about to take you on a ride startin' with Beat Thieves vol.2. Honestly, alot of the music that's passing through me these days even surprises me.

I feel music is spiritual and the greatest artists are very open spiritually and are conscious that they aren't creating music as much as they are being a vessel for it. For example, your parents didn't create you as much as they were vessels for you. I feel what limits many artists is having this preconceived idea of how you want and are supposed to sound..when the key is just letting go and seeing what songs want you to bring them into this world. My best songs are the ones I just kind of blackout on. And those are all sitting on the backburner stashed away. Perhaps I'll start puttin' snippets on this blog eventually.

This style of music I've grown accustomed to doing as a member of TM has been a unique and gratifying experience for me because honestly I'm more of a rapper at heart but workin' with Don and Von has made me a better emcee. You'd be amazed at alot of the stuff I've done prior to TM. LOL But as they say...the truth always comes out eventually. I can't hold it in any more! Anyway some of you may have heard "Fire & Brimstone" and as you know I direct videos ...(you can check out my work at ) anyway Fire & Brimstone will document more in depth this little transition I'm going through in the video...and voila! Here's a snippet..its at a VERY early rough even has word fillers for certain images that aren't in place yet...its a clip of the intro segment before the actual video with song.... so before you push play on the embedded youtube file...know this..being a struggling artist for "keep it real" hip hop fans that only download your shit not cool at all...I've got a little guardian angel to take care of...ROLL THAT CLIP!!!

When Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong:Shoe Edition

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Doesn't Pac look really sad like "Damn, have I been reduced to this?" Did Suge okay this bullshit?

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What the?! Hey! I'm no shoe junkie like my brothers Don and Von but I know this is fucked up.
Tupac....SHOES?! I mean I love Tupac and all but this is just overghetto. I recall a friend of mine in North Carolina coining the phrase "niggad to death." Yes, Roschaun these shoes have been niggad to death. When I listen to Tupac's all too popular song, Picture Me Rollin', this isn't what I had in mind. I know you're thinking "When is he gonna comment on the Scarface shoes?" I won't...that's just speaks for itself. What kind of statement are you making when you wear shoes like this?

I would love to see what kind of person wears these shoes. Let me look into my crystal ball. Hmmmm....Oh here's little Joey in the suburbs looking like a bad impression of Jamie Kennedy on Malibu's Most Wanted. And little Joey loves his Tupac shoes. It says to his peers, "I'm large and in charge...I'm real...I have a nigga on my feet."
He couldn't find his Tupac shirt to match today so he just threw on his 50 Cent shirt. What's the difference, right Joey? Hmmmm...and here's Dawon (pronounced Duh-Wonn) The hood geek...but today's he's gonna show the real thugs how down he is with his Tupac sh...Damn! He just got punched in the face for wearin' them. Sorry Dawon, those are too classic. Perhaps you should find the Jim Jones shoes that say "BAAAAAAALLLLIN!" all around the back.......and the side....and the front...maybe then you'll only get slapped.

This my friends is a true sign of Armageddon...after seeing these I raise the terrorist threat level to orange.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Funniest shit ever!!

I don't even have to say anything...LMAO!

Monday, August 27, 2007

valleys and peaks

Soooo...I got a townhouse with my brother...its a bit of a fixer upper but its dope. 3 floors with a pool in the back (BAAALLLIN!!!) I've been diligently mixin' down the next ILWIL release Beat Thieves. Tons of bangers on there. About 27 to be exact. Donwill hadn't heard the songs in their entirety until the other day. I wanted to give them to the people free but Don wants to hold back the heat for an official release. That's cool..I was anxious to flood the world with some bangin' ILWIL ish but it will have to wait people. We'll still be hittin' you with some dope solo bangers though on Beat Thieves and a few of the ILWIL bangers. I-EL IS COMING!! ladies and gentlemen....I've started shooting a video for a song I did titled "Fire & Brimstone". This will push my directing talents in a new direction. I'm shooting it in a short film style as opposed to the typical rappy music video way. I plan to let my inner weirdo run rampant. Brace yourself. My videos as a soloist will be entrenched in symbolism. I may even have some nudity in it. Hey! Its my video! We're doin' some more shooting tonight. Perhaps as I get more footage I'll release a trailer to make you salivate a bit. Haha! This will be my best work to date. Once again its your friend trapped in the bowels of Cincinnati...signing out.

Monday, August 13, 2007

My life sucks...or does it? the past 2 weeks 1) I injured my finger losing mobility 2) Car broke down 3) after payin' for car to get fixed got a DUI 4) Tour we were settin' up fell through 5) Had a disaster in my bank account 6) Got fired as a result of my DUI.....yeah....pretty bad hunh? I was damn near suicidal at first but after I sat in contemplation and regained my composure..I'm realizing that if I choose..I have the power to make this a good thing and potentially a great thing. I'm well aware that at times like this are expressions of my life entering a death of sorts. To further explain...these occurrences were my Autumn, where certain things "Fall" from my life. Now is the winter where I have to deal with these losses. All this means is that there are many new things that need to come into my life and I need to make room for them when my "Spring" comes.

Losing my driving privileges has honestly lead me to being in the studio more to record and edit video...its also lead to me working out as a result. I have this "Top Secret" thing I'm working on
that will come into light in the future. One day people will look back at this blog like "OHHHHH." This "Top Secret" thing is the main reason I'm even blogging to be honest. I want to chronicle my metamorphosis to demonstrate how inner transformation and focus can alter one's entire life. I will be my own guinea pig to show you firsthand how the seemingly impossible can be achieved. But ofcourse there will be certain aspects of this I can't disclose but you'll get the point.