Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Fans...correction...The Fam

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Vegas here we come!!

Thank God for the fam. When nobody is lookin' out for you, when your label abandons you, when you question why you're even doing this...there's always the fam. Its the fam that's gettin' us to Vegas. Its the fam that got us on MTVU. Its the fam that helps keeps our names out there.

I know many have this perception of Tanya Morgan as part of some fine tuned music industry machine or something. Honestly, its just Donwill, Von, and myself. We get a little aid from friends we've made in the biz here and there...but for the most part we're on our own.

This is a great opportunity for us because our little bit of hustle paired with an entity that has our back would have the potential to do something HUGE. Brooklynati is the MONSTER we're trying to create now. Its been difficult with all the stress over the past year but I have a feeling that stress will subside for a minute or atleast shift to a different area of our lives for the moment.

When nobody believed in us, the fans did...correction....the fam did. Thanks you.


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is the whole TM crew gonna be there?