Monday, September 24, 2007

The Ohio Hip Hop Awards!!

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hahaaaaaa! Shit was great! We got best video! The event was done up real big. I got nervous as I approached the red carpet like "Am I allowed on here?" Unfortunately my brethren Don and Von couldn't make it but I held it down. I lost my composure as I said the acceptance speech. It was part excitement, part nervousness, and part vodka and cranberry. I started out cool then I went into the typical "I'm just happy to be here! Thank you! This is beautiful!" It was kinda dope bein interviewed on the red carpet next to Hi Tek while he was doin a different interview. It kind of said to me "You right there with these cats just keep pushin' Ilyas." My self esteem went through the roof while I was walking around with that plaque.
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I was able to hit VIP no problemo and get my boys(my entourage lol) into everything free. The dude at VIP was like "Oh! That's your pass right there!" It feels good for people to appreciate what you've worked hard at for so long. Especially at home. ESPECIALLY at home. This all right along with this myspace/xm radio contest. I started writing this blog Sunday and now I'm just now finishing up (been busy). In the past 48 hours we have already started getting some decent opportunities. From Ilyas to I-EL indeed. I think this blog will turn into my success story. Since I was young I always wanted to be part of a top ranked trio, duo, and be a well received soloist at some point. Its all starting to come together now. I am at this happy.