Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ohio Hip Hop Awards 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket you've probably heard we have been nominated for 3 awards (best video, best group, and best album) Its this weekend in Cleveland (about 4 hours from here in Cincinnati...roadtrip!!) I just found out its a black tie event. I'm wearing what I wore to the Grammy's except in this case I'm one of the nominees. This is rehearsal for the Grammy's in the future. I WILL get a Grammy one day. Hopefully a few of them then I can move on to writing and directing movies like Ice Cube. I guess this is the balance. The one time I have to do something "Tanya Morgan" without my partners in rhyme. Its something dope. I say balance because since my partners have been performing heavy in NY in my absence (and Denver) people are starting to forget I'm even in the group. No doubt, I'd much rather they be here than not...but atleast people in my home state will know I'm in the group lol. Its all good though.

I'm starting to see something unfold. Its making me so excited, its a near distraction. I just need to focus and stick to my new plan (perhaps I'll discuss that "plan" in the next blog) I've been so focused on that "plan" it leaves me little time to record between my 9 to 5 and my side gigs. Not being able to record because I'm putting in 40 a week toward someone else's profit for crumbs is building a slow fury in me. That fury is fuel for I-EL. I need it though. Recently the beats that my producers have been giving me were out of my reach. And not to be cocky but I'm no slouch on the mic. The tracks are so damn good. The mark of a true emcee is never to let the beat carry him. You have to carry the beat and make it sound hotter. These beats have set the bar really high.
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I'm gonna clear that bar soon me...I have no choice if I want to as great an artist as I believe I am

I would put a clip for y'all to hear but I'd rather surprise the shit out of you when you hear what the stepchild of TM has been cookin' up MUHAAAHAHAHAHA!!

And oh yeah I'll be gettin some video footage from my adventures at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. You'll see it on Dreamskape TV soon. 100!