Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong:Shoe Edition

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Doesn't Pac look really sad like "Damn, have I been reduced to this?" Did Suge okay this bullshit?

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What the?! Hey! I'm no shoe junkie like my brothers Don and Von but I know this is fucked up.
Tupac....SHOES?! I mean I love Tupac and all but this is just overghetto. I recall a friend of mine in North Carolina coining the phrase "niggad to death." Yes, Roschaun these shoes have been niggad to death. When I listen to Tupac's all too popular song, Picture Me Rollin', this isn't what I had in mind. I know you're thinking "When is he gonna comment on the Scarface shoes?" I won't...that's just speaks for itself. What kind of statement are you making when you wear shoes like this?

I would love to see what kind of person wears these shoes. Let me look into my crystal ball. Hmmmm....Oh here's little Joey in the suburbs looking like a bad impression of Jamie Kennedy on Malibu's Most Wanted. And little Joey loves his Tupac shoes. It says to his peers, "I'm large and in charge...I'm real...I have a nigga on my feet."
He couldn't find his Tupac shirt to match today so he just threw on his 50 Cent shirt. What's the difference, right Joey? Hmmmm...and here's Dawon (pronounced Duh-Wonn) The hood geek...but today's he's gonna show the real thugs how down he is with his Tupac sh...Damn! He just got punched in the face for wearin' them. Sorry Dawon, those are too classic. Perhaps you should find the Jim Jones shoes that say "BAAAAAAALLLLIN!" all around the back.......and the side....and the front...maybe then you'll only get slapped.

This my friends is a true sign of Armageddon...after seeing these I raise the terrorist threat level to orange.


Donald Williams said...

son, tupac will never die. ever. nigga if the us was blown to bits all the excavators would find is roaches and tupac memorabilia

Ilyas to i-EL said...