Thursday, September 20, 2007

The new plan:Operation Dreamskape

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Okay so I've been real busy being a business man the past weeks setting up Dreamskape. Dreamskape was what I always wanted to name a company since I was a child. I never knew what that company would be but I knew thats what it would be named. And this is because one of my favorite movies as a child was Dreamscape, a 1984 film starring Dennis Quaid. The movie moved me (there I go rapping by accident) because it was about people being lucid in their dreams and learning to control them. So with that, I felt any company I started would be the embodiment of me becoming lucid in this dream called reality and manipulating it for the greater good.
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I thought I wanted it to be many things but what its become is a production company of sorts thus far. Cincinnati needs some type of radio and tv shows to unite the community because there's no real media source that keeps the music/creative scene linked as one like most cities. So coincidentally ,as many know, I've been directing and editing video alot over the past year. So I figured why not use my newfound talent to put together shows showcasing local talent and culture. Plug my brands a bit without overdoing it. Throw it on Public Access (people actually watch it ALOT here in Cincinnati)....and see what happens. Maybe get a late might time slot on local network TV and go from there. Dreamskape Tv is born.

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I promise it will start filling up with content soon.

I'm also tryin to grab a slot on local Public radio. Put a show together playing local talent, some Ohio talent, and sprinkle in exclusives from major and underground artists to add a little spice. There is only 1 urban radio station here..ONE!!!..and its terrible..everyone here hates it. So WHEN I get this show going...there will be no competition. Dreamskape radio will be born. Ofcourse on top of all this Dreamskape is a fledgling label and works in video production.

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I don't know where all of this will lead me but it just feels right. At the end of the day we're all vessels for great things. And Dreamskape isn't a product of me persay...its just something the Most High wanted to put here through me.

So be on the lookout for more things to come. The 1st project dropping off of Dreamskape is ILWIL-Beat Thieves volume 2. Shit is nuts!! DJ Low Key is mixing it as we speak...until next time


DJ Low Key /// said...

Bookmarked...Can't wait to drop BT2 and blow some people's minds...Congrats on the award, I don't know how you guys didn't pull a hat trick...Also, congrats on becoming an "internet person" (c) you...ahahahahahahahahaha....