Monday, November 26, 2007

All-in-one update!!

Okay, we had a pleasant tour for the most part. We sat in the truck alot. Alot-alot!
That part sucked as did sitting at the venues several hours because being amateurs we would show up to soundcheck on time. That we've learned is a no-no with certain venues. You do your check. They change the settings for the openers and when you're onstage its back to the drawing board.

So we've learned that soundchecks don't help that much unless you have your own soundman or the venue is that on top of it. But usually it doesnt matter with the Hole-in-wall spots. "This rockin' the Hole-in-wall club shit must stop! like Freeze. We makin' the crowd move but we ain't makin' no cheese." - Outkast on Elevators. I understand now Big Boi. I understand.

But we opened for De La Soul in Charlotte. That was dope. Look below.

Yeah North Carlina is my old home of 7 years. I miss it a bit every now and then.
I don't miss the bizarre canned meat products in the gas station though.
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Roadkill-in-a-can. Ugh! Anyway coming to Ohio for a portion of the tour was dope! Felt good to rock for home. In Cleveland one of my homegirls had this though.
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What the hell is this?! Ain't that the scariest toy you've ever seen. Its eyes and head rotate and it makes some ghastly noise. This could have easily been Chuckie's sidekick in Child's Play. LOL!!

So once the tour was over me and my boy Pytell went out to kick it. Pytell kicks it professionally. But unbeknownst to me he kicks it on a James Bond type level now. We downed a bottle of Paul Masson at a party and as we proceeded to the next party, Pytell pops up his backseat and voila!

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Dude has a secret compartment under one of his backseats to stash liquor. My nigga!
Hahaha! Anyway, that was a dope night. Went to a dope afterparty minus the druggies. Overall, November has been a great month! That's all for now folks!!


Che Grand said...

it was actually 3000 that said that, still very true regardless.

cheese is on the way tho.

the ambassador said...

Hi Ilyas.

um yeah. Hi. nice blog. could use an update though but hey, still nice.

Odd meat products are such a mystery.

I am Amanda.
Nice to meet you.
....bye now.